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The line of non-irritating scalp care products that bring vitality and freshness to the scalp and hair through most effective ingredients and authentic aroma oils which given by nature. The authentic aroma oils and natural extracts help skin breathe by reactivating contracted pores to increase the supply of oxygen by 8 kinds of patented vegetable components devised through extensive research. It keeps your scalp healthy, prevents hair loss and facilitating the growth of new hair.




Ingredient Detail



Smoked Unripe

Black Rice

Hizikia Fusiforme




Pine Nuts

Lonicera japonica


Our ingredient.

Legitime products contains 8 types of vegetable components and aroma oils developed by the Research Institute of Welcos to provide nutrition and active ECM (Extracellular Matrix) to bring vitality and health to your scalp.

Welcos have been researching for 20 years on our patented components besides one of our newest patent application is 10-2007-0017355 a special herbal medicine that prevents hair loss and promotes hair growth.

What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is a natural therapy handed down from ancient times. Aromatherapy can be helpful in preventing and curing certain ailments by using essential oils. These plants extracted fragrant oils ease stresses, alleviate pain and maintain the balance of body and soul

What is Essential Oil?

An Essential Oils is a fragrance extracted from parts of plants such as flowers, fruits and leaves. This oil is similar to elements found in our skin and plays an important role in improving beauty, health and well being. They penetrate easily in the surface layer of the skin and provide essential nutrients.




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